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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Vince Or Jeff? Somethings Got To Give

Tommy Tuberville said " you lose 10% of your fan base every year..."  Jeff Fisher has been with the Titans/Oilers for 17 seasons.  It's probably time.  Every time this subject comes up, all of the talk show hosts say the Titans would be crazy to let Jeff Fisher go.  That any team would be more than happy to have him as a head coach.  The Common Fan says:  "Then take him".  Jeff Fisher's record in 17 seasons is barely above .500.  His offensive philosophy of lets just score enough to get ahead is a joke.   His quarrel with Vince Young has split the team  whether anyone will admit to it or not.  The NFL is different today than it was 17 years ago.  Everybody tries to score as many points as they can, except the Titans.  I heard Jeff Fisher say one year that his game plan was for the defense to hold the other team to fewer points than the offense can score.  This past Sunday, that was impossible.  They didn't score.
As for Vince Young, yes he is immature and needs a belt.  But, I'm not convinced that his issues with Fisher are completely one sided.  I suspect that Fisher has a mental block when it comes to Young because he has basically been told when and where to play him by Titans owner Bud Adams.  That's a hard thing for a man of his ego to comprehend.   I suspect VY could have started against The Eagles.  They started Collins instead claiming Vince Young was not 100%.  When Collins got hurt, Young looked 110% to me.  Right or wrong if VY suspects that Fisher has it in for him it could be causing some of his emotional displays.  And yes, Jeff Fisher wants to win games, but ego says you have to win them your way not Bud Adam's way.  And ego is 2nd on  the list of things that take a good man down the fastest and the most.  A Woman is first but ego is a distant but SOLID 2nd.
I could be right, I could be wrong, but I am The Common Fan.

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