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Thursday, December 2, 2010

NCAA Declares "OK To Cheat" As Long As The Player Doesn't Know

If this would have been Boise State, Cam Newton would have been declared ineligible and BSU would be on 5 years probation for flying in the face of the almighty NCAA.  If it had been Alabama, the NCAA would have been so mad they would have given SMU the death penalty again.  Is there a bigger joke in sports than the NCAA?  By ruling Cam Newton eligible because he didn't know about his father shopping his services around, the NCAA has pretty much left the door open to shop your kids, as long as you don't tell them.  Make a cash transaction that can't be traced, and boom, you're off scott free.  Basically Auburn played out their hand and the NCAA folded.  Or did they?
Are they just waiting for it all to be over one way or the other before they lower the boom on Auburn and the Newtons?  Maybe they are just waiting for Auburn to lose and then come up with the "new evidence" to sink that ship.  Something has to happen or it will NEVER be right.
You would think at some point, there would be some schools out there that are trying to do things the right way and would stand up and say "hey, this ain't right".  Maybe they all cheat, but if they all do, there are some schools out there that evidently aren't doing it right.   In fact, if they all do it, Arkansas State and Memphis suck at it.  There are way more "have nots" than "haves" in College Football.  They need jump in here and it needs to stop.   But what do I know, I'm just The Common Fan.

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