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Plano Stadium
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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fig Newton and the SHeisman Trophy, Gus, Nebraska and playoffs.

Who was the highest paid player in college football in 2010?  Had to be Cam (Fig) Newton.  Had to be.  That little bit of money won't seem like much this time next year.   He'll be an instant millionaire in the NFL probably out for the season on injured reserve.  He was the best player in the sport so why shouldn't he be paid the most.  Makes you wonder about the 2nd, 3rd and 4th best players.  What did they make?
Wonder if he will tell his dad how much his NFL contract is worth?  Wonder if his dad will tell Fig how much Under Armor paid him to tell Fig to sign with UA? (Under Armor or Auburn take your pick)
And how dumb is Gus Malzahn for not taking the Vanderbilt job?  My gosh, they must have told him all is well there won't be any probation. Not until after the BCS game.  They probably left that part out.   I'm ranting I know but there is a lot on the Common Fan's mind on a day like today.  Oh and Word to Nebraska:  worry about your own house.  We got pictures too.  One more thing... playoffs are the only thing that will level the sport beyond all of the cheating.  You can take the polls out of it by taking only conference champions to the playoff. ( that's right Irish... you have to get in a conference or don't CFB doesn't really need you anymore)  If every conference got a representative to the big dance, the SEC wouldn't have to cheat to make sure they get two every year.  (email me if you think that's an accident)  And if you REALLY want a playoff, stop watching and going to bowl games.  I have to get back on my meds now.

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